The Textspresso machine

I recently received an email from Kelsey at ZipWhip describing their recent project the Textspresso machine. This is using one of my InkShields and an ink head loaded with edible ink.

It’s a cleaned refilled head. We got our edible inks from From there we cut off the top of a standard ink cartridge, swapped the real ink with edible ink, glued the thing back together, and called it good.

In order to combine our cloud texting service with Seattle’s technology and coffee cultures, we created a machine that sends and receives text messages while simultaneously making a coffee. You heard right. We’ve got a robotic barista in the house. Did we mention there’s also a warming plate to keep your coffee warm? Once that feature was completed we decided to take things to the next level. We added an edible ink jet printer that provided a truly over the top touch. The build was completed with lots of head-scratching and weekend work. It was worth it.

They say that they are not selling the machine but that everything will released with an open license soon. I look forward to seeing the source and how others are able to continue to build on it in the future. I am glad people are continuing to find interesting ways to use my InkShield which can bought in my store.

If you know of any other projects that use an InkShield please contact me so I can share them as well.