Welcome to my new website and blog. I have been using Journey to Becoming an Engineer as my personal blog for some time now. I have also been sharing RepRap related posts on A RepRap Breeding Program.

Now that I have this site setup as well as a new site for RepRap related content, I will be blogging here and transitioning away from the old blogs.

On this new site I plan to share development of projects on the blog and then for projects which become complete, or at least mostly complete, I will add them to the Projects page. I will mostly keep RepRap specific posts on the A RepRap Breeding Program site.

Here are a few of the projets that are in work right now:

  • InkShield Ticker-tape machine
  • Processing.org sewing pattern creation
  • LCD/SD card breakout board
  • Fiber-optic Christmas tree RGB LED upgrade
  • more…

I will get posts up for as many of them as I can in the next few weeks.